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Ecstasy for the ears.

My next project is online now and looking for help. Utah’s Republic is an online education site teaching¬† about the difference between a Democracy and Republic and asking by petition for the state to modify a few of the state history standards since the word Republic is never mentioned once. The petition also calls for better U.S. government texts that actually use the original intent of our Founding Fathers in establishing our governmental system, and lastly to ask that September 17th Constitution Day programs teach that natural rights are not given or taken by the majority in a Democracy, but these rights come from God (or for the atheist from nature) and no one has a right to deprive you of these natural rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. To see how far gone we are, here’s a funny “on the street” video asking local people about what form of government we have, and then one about a tragic school district motto in one district in Utah…you’d never guess who.

Thank goodness President Obama promised to make cuts in the budget (snicker).

Obama's budget cuts

Obama's budget cuts

After getting laughed at for this idiocy, he proposed to increase the budget cuts to $17 billion. Amazingly, ABC news did some real reporting for a change and caught him in his deception from when he was debating McCain and said McCain’s $18 billion budget cut plan was insufficient. Watch Jake Tapper’s report here: