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Meet Some Mormons Website

Some local folks and I are working on a website for people who aren’t familiar with LDS/Mormon beliefs. It’s called Meet Some Mormons and it will grow with time to include more information regarding practices and beliefs, but there is already a bit of content out there if you want to take a look. The latest post is called, “What Mormons believe in” and it’s just a short summary if you want to take a look at it. There’s also some great video clips on the site with members sharing their conversion stories. My parents are converts to the LDS church and their short story is on the site. However, there’s a really great story I encourage everyone to watch. It’s the video clip from Marty Curtis and I think it’s a powerful story about the conversion that can take place within someone when they are born again and experience their own “mighty change of heart.” Marty is a great guy and his story is great. I hope you’ll watch it. No matter your beliefs, you can’t help but feel the power of Marty’s message.

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