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I got into an interesting discussion with a teacher in Massachusetts and he sent me a link to a Euclid’s geometry book online that is pretty neat.  This is more for schools and teachers as a resource, but some of you parents or engineers may enjoy checking this out.

Kudos to David Wiley at BYU for his forward thinking on higher education. Check out this article in which he discusses the need for open learning.

“At its core, the open education movement and the larger open content, copyleft movement has “a fundamental belief that knowledge is a public good and should be fully shared,” explains Catherine Casserly, senior partner with the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. Wiley, she says, is viewed in the open education realm as an imaginative innovator who is always thinking of new applications for disseminating knowledge to the many instead of keeping it “locked up” for the benefit of the few.”,5143,705298649,00.html

A new study has been released that tracked the use of Singapore math in a Massachusetts school district.  The conclusive results show the schools on Singapore jumping far ahead of state averages.  You can obtain a copy of the study from the Utah’s Math Future website.

Al Gore never ceases to amaze.  Solving global warming will now take care of all our problems…  We’ve got to fix this NOW! 🙂

Gore told a House hearing that the Democratic bill that would limit carbon dioxide and other pollution linked to a warming of the earth will simultaneously solve the problems of the climate, economy and national security.


Maybe a constitutional convention is the very best threat to the federal behemoth that is trampling all over individual and states’ rights.


Attack on Education

Pro-Choice-do parents still have options?

What happens when a “reporter” from CNN covers a TEA party? She cuts it short because it’s “inappropriate family viewing”.

This short 10-minute video gives you a basic understanding of forms of government and what exactly a Republic is.

Parents for Choice in Education has a great summary of educational program opportunities in Utah from scholarships to concurrent enrollment information. I also strongly encourage you to sign up for their email alerts.  Not many are sent out but they contain great information on things happening in Utah.  They’ve really got a great organization going.

Although there is a full length movie available, this 30 minute edited version will give you a great picture of the real trouble we are in unless we act now.  Entitlements and wasteful spending are killing us and the true picture of American debt is staggering.