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Failure versus Success ConceptDear friends,

For the last several months I’ve been toying with sending out this email and I finally put something together that made me realize I really needed to share this. Some of you won’t have any interest in this and you can just hit delete, but for those of you who want to feel a little more prepared for things that I believe are coming, this is for you.

It’s no secret that the U.S. government, and really pretty much every other government around the globe, haven’t made it a practice to follow sound economic policies for many decades. The piper will be paid though, and I think we’re a lot closer to the rats coming back to roost than the public realizes (in no small part due to the ineptness of our media to actually do real reporting).

If you believe in prophesy, you believe some times of tribulation are coming. You may even believe the United States is in for some extraordinarily serious challenges. I am in that camp. I believe this nation was founded upon godly principles and we have left them in the dust and are going to reap the whirlwind. There are some that have seen the U.S. becoming a third world nation. That’s entirely possible to me. One big EMP strike would destroy almost all the electronics in this country and power plants and water pumps would stop in less than a second. Books have been written about this type of horror and our idiot politicians have voted more than once to not harden critical systems to provide protection to America’s vital infrastructure.

I’m going to give you a couple of interesting resources and then share with you a document I’ve prepared. I don’t have any desire to debate any of this. If you feel like debating it, take it elsewhere. I’m not saying I believe it all, nor am I asking you to. I’m only saying, there are more than enough warnings that have been given that we are close to some serious events that it’s warranting some pondering over your personal and family preparation.

First, some of you have probably read or at least heard of a book called “The Harbinger,” by Jonathan Cahn. Now I’m not sure how much stock to put in this particular view, but it’s fascinating to me. This video is 15 minutes and if you’re not familiar with the Shemitah and blood moons, this may be quite eye opening, particularly since this interpretation has a concluding event in just 3 months. Cahn has said he doesn’t know if anything will happen for sure, but this is his warning.

Second, a video Susie Schnell sent me a link to is on celestial signs. This one is by an LDS individual and I encourage you to watch it. Totally fascinating. The first 20 or so minutes on the comets from the late 90’s is extraordinary. Then he gets into the blood moons and provides an interesting second take on what Cahn says above. Pretty fascinating.

Now obviously, nobody knows when things will happen, but there are those who are saying the time to prepare is now. One of those people is a woman named Julie Rowe. Many of you have probably heard about her NDE and listened to her on radio or read one of her books. If you don’t know who she is and want to learn more, you can check out her archive of video/audio stuff on her website. I’ve listened to her first two interviews with Mills Crenshaw (3 hours each) and found them interesting and motivating.

There are also those who believe that there will be what some term, a “call-out”, where people who see the abomination of desolation coming will be warned and gather together and avoid some of the worst of the destruction. Whether this happens in 3 months or 30 years isn’t for me to say, but I think it’s important to prepare now for possibilities. My friend Connor Boyack has a great little article on this which you can read here if you aren’t familiar with this and what scriptural parallels there are and what LDS leaders have said about it.

Even if you don’t believe any of this stuff, having emergency supplies on hand at your home should be something you value for the preservation of your family in the event of any kind of disaster.

What I personally take from these things, is this is a very good time to evaluate where I am at both spiritually and temporally. That’s why I’m sharing this with you. I’m not running around in a panic about this, but it is a good reminder that time is getting short and it’s probably time to take preparations seriously.

I’ve recently gone through a few preparedness lists that others have prepared, combined them and added some things of my own, and now I’m going to share that spreadsheet with you. This is NOT a comprehensive list of what YOU need or an attempt to tell you to get all this stuff. It’s simply a resource for you to prayerfully consider what your family should consider getting next for your own preparations. I hope this is of use to you.

Preparedness items (Microsoft Excel format)

Preparedness items (PDF format)



At a family gathering in the summer of 2009, Blair Henderson (my father-in-law) recounted the story of a giant grizzly bear that inhabited Logan canyon years ago. I finally got around to posting it for family and friends to enjoy. Total running time is about 45 minutes.

Well, for having a blog, I’ve been posting pretty slow here, eh? Actually, I’ve not been lazy, just busy. A LOT of my time is being spent at in exposing the lack of constitution oriented education our children are receiving in the school system. Please go take a look and sign onto the petition.

Last Saturday I was on Red Meat Radio talking about the Utah’s Republic project ( which has a goal of restoring constitutional education in Utah. Rather than repeat everything I’ve posted on that site, here’s an audio link if you’d like to hear the radio segment (14 minutes) and then a link to the post on that site. If you’re in Utah, please sign the petition to get on the email list and help effect meaningful changes in the social studies standards of the state.


Red-Meat-Radio-Republic Segment-1-9-2010


After watching an abortion on ultrasound, the director of a Planned Parenthood facility joined Pro-Lifers outside the facility in prayer. How do we get them all to watch a video???,2933,571215,00.html

In an unbelievable move, tens of thousands of California farm jobs are being forced out since an endangered 2″ minnow was found stuck in a pump. Vast orchards are withering, compliments of our federal government. Why the governor is putting up with this is beyond me.  It must not be an election year.

Want to understand how tiny we are in the universe? This cool short video will give you a new perspective on tiny…and huge. For the LDS community, this may be an interesting comparison to Kolob (Abraham 3:3-4,9,16).

Two reports by the National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ) do a fantastic job of showing just where education colleges are failing students who want to become teachers, and then our children who are taught by these teachers.  One report was released in June 2008 for mathematics preparation of teachers entitled “No Common Denominator–The Preparation of Elementary Teachers in Mathematics by America’s Education Schools.” The second, released in May 2006, is on reading and is titled “What Educations Schools Aren’t Teaching About Reading and What Elementary Teachers Aren’t Learning.”

The math report examined 77 schools around the country and Utah State University was the only college in Utah that was examined, and also received a failing mark for teacher preparation.

This August, thanks to a grant by a generous donor, a report will be revealed that examines all 8 major colleges in Utah. I understand that only 1 college has received a passing mark, while 3 would pass if they required more courses of elementary education students, and 4 fail completely.

The links below will take you to the math and reading reports, but the gist of them was to give a few standards for teachers and development of a proper education base before they go off to teach impressionable minds.  The math report details 5 standards as follows:

1) Teachers must acquire a deep conceptual knowledge of math focused on

1. numbers and operations,
2. algebra,
3. geometry and measurement, and — to a lesser degree —
4. data analysis and probability.

2) Higher entry standards into the program with teachers demonstrating mastery of geometry and algebra 2 at the high school level

3) Must demonstrate a deeper understanding of math than what they must teach to children

4) Elementary content courses must emphasize numbers and operations and student teaching must focus on delivery of math content

5) Math content delivered to teachers should be done within the purview of a MATH DEPARTMENT

The entire math report is 28 pages and contains some other interesting things should any of you wish to look over it.  I am eager for the report in August and can’t wait to see how <cough>BYU</cough> fares.  I’m not expecting it will be the lone passing school in the state.

Link to math report

The reading report is also great and tells us what we already knew, that phonics and explicit instruction work best.  Sorry whole language constructivism.  You lose again.

Link to reading report

This is simply an amazing debate.  Chris Matthews has Rep. Jim Moran(D) on the show to help beat up on Rep. Dana Rohrbacher(R) over the “settled science” of global warming.  This so reminds me of the math wars and how district administrators and teachers declare “all the studies show this is it” and yet they can’t hold up a candle to actual evidence.  Rep. Rohrbacher tosses a few facts in their faces and they switch to name calling and try to change the subject of the debate to evolution without answering any of Dana’s questions.  Hilarious.

What a great short video about the sacrifices of our patriot fathers.  David McCullough has a great storytelling voice doesn’t he?  If you want to read some additional really cool stories about little known patriots of the Revolution, pick up a copy of Unlikely Heroes by Ron Carter from Amazon.  It’s an amazing book about people who rose to the challenges they faced at the peril of their lives and risked it all to help win our freedom.