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Since When Did Americans Give Up Freedom for Lives?

Where did the Americans go?

During a crisis, it’s difficult to openly criticize leaders for their “decisive actions.” They are always making decisions on “the best available knowledge” “for the good of the people.”

How do you know if it’s really the best available knowledge or for the good of the people? Is putting 10 17 million people out of work the good of the people if we save a few thousand lives? Are you asking the unemployed people, or the families that lost someone? You’ll get different answers. The problem is, that’s the wrong question to ask. The proper question to ask is, are you willing to give up liberty?

America has always been willing to sacrifice some lives in exchange for liberty…in the past. Now we are ceding liberty at the drop of a hat with the mention of keeping us safe. We shut down our entire economy and let politicians wrap the chains of slavery (ie. compliance) around our necks. We’ve embraced the political mafia and their promise of safety (“protection”) as long as we do exactly what they say.

During World War II, the English were being bombed every day by the Germans. People were dying. They didn’t abandon their factories. They fixed them and used them every day to overcome the enemy. Only a robust economy solves individual and collective problems. The people supported the soldiers by keeping things going back home.

In our pandemic, now it’s healthcare workers on the front line. What’s happening to support them? We’ve shut down the economy. Stupid in my opinion. Taiwan and Sweden told their citizens how to take precautions and exercise good judgment, but didn’t shut down the thing that keeps everyone productive and providing for their families. That’s the model we should be emulating.

Everyone wants to be important in a crisis. From the CDC, WHO, governmental leaders, bureaucratic administrators, etc… Everyone claims their bailiwick is critical in an emergency and others can’t comment or criticize. They are saving lives… (as if a “non-essential” breadwinner going to work every day doesn’t save a family’s life…)

It’s short-term selfish thinking. Bad stuff happens to everyone. It’s life. Yes we should preserve it, but not at the cost of our freedom.

Who is Playing the Long Game?

Who is thinking in the long-term when citizens are thinking in the short-term?

The central planners. “Never let a crisis go to waste.” They pull a magic trick on us while we watch the right hand (media causing a panic) and then the left hand does the trick (government passing extensive new laws that abridge our freedom). Every crisis turns into a loss of freedom…by design.

In 1988, God’s prophet on earth, Ezra Taft Benson, said these words: “I testify that wickedness is rapidly expanding in every segment of our society. It is more highly organized, more cleverly disguised, and more powerfully promoted than ever before. Secret combinations lusting for power, gain, and glory are flourishing. **A secret combination that seeks to overthrow the freedom of all lands, nations, and countries is increasing its evil influence and control over America and the entire world.**” (

President Benson (Title for the earthly president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints), previously served in President Dwight Eisenhower’s administration as the Secretary of Agriculture. In 1966 he gave a talk at BYU and in this 3 minute clip he shares a boast by Russian president Nikita Kruschev that he made to President Benson while he had to host the Russian on a U.S. tour.

In short, he said President Benson’s grandchildren would live under communism, not by any war, but Americans are so gullible, they will take socialism by doses until they wake up one morning to find they are living under communism.

We keep enacting more and more “precautions” that are turning us into a police state. Why? It’s by design of the central planners, our “masters”, the “elites” who think they know what is best and how to control the economy to make it better. There aren’t communists “hiding behind the door,” they are out in the open talking about social justice, Marxist principles, waving Bernie posters, and teaching many of our youth. The only economies that have ever functioned as close to perfect as possible is where the free market works. When people are free to capitalize on opportunities, they do so and the whole machinery of the economy functions better.

What’s the Game?

To explain what’s been happening, there is no better video clip than this one of an interview between Ed Griffin and Yuri Bezmenov in the 1970’s. Yuri was a KGB agent that defected to America and told us in great detail how the Russians took over countries and how Soviet propaganda operated. This plan was brought into play many decades ago and we are now in an end game situation where every crisis is being “normalized” by government instead of through freedom of the people to act. The Constitution of the United States is the only thing that has slowed down the communists from transforming our country even faster which is why they are so eager to abuse the Founding Fathers of this country and make it seem like they were horrible people and hypocrites. Tearing down the framers makes it easier to tear down the banner of freedom they created.

This is one of the most important videos that exists on YouTube’s servers. I’ve watched it several times to remind myself and share with others what’s happening in the America and the rest of the world.

To summarize, Yuri says the Communist purpose is to prevent people from coming to sensible conclusions about what is happening around them.

The stages of infiltration Bezmenov talks about center around a long-game plan that leads to the socialization and eventual takeover of a nation. The Soviets did this repeatedly with other nations. Their agents have been present in America for a very long time.

The four steps of the plan are:

1) Demoralization-this isn’t to put people down like you demoralize someone. It’s literally to destroy moral values (ex. Sexual revolution, life has no value so abortion is pushed, family is inconsequential, etc…). He points out that when someone loses moral values, they can no longer assess truth even when it’s presented to them in great clarity. He said this phase takes 15-20 years so that the demoralized generation becomes the teachers of the next generation and are able to pump Marxism into the heads of the children.

Once this long phase is done, the next few can be put on a loop for different industries. Just repeat 2-4 over and over till you have communism.

2) Destabilization- this takes 2-5 years for each crisis to be created. They’ll destabilize the economy in various ways (banking, savings and loan, terrorism, health care, foreign relations, defense systems).

3) Crisis-over several weeks the destabilized area hits a crisis point and “requires” a violent change in structure and economy.

4) Normalization-Leaders promise they have fixed the problem and remove more of the free market economy. It’s a government takeover of the industry and individual liberties.

Since 9/11 it’s become so easy to see these things happen. Immediately after 9/11 we had the Patriot Act, a massive document prepared far in advance of 9/11 just waiting for the right crisis to normalize life in America again. Since then, every crisis has been handled by every administration by enacting more draconian measures which the American people just roll over and accept. We stopped being the land of the free and home of the brave decades ago. We left God in favor of American idol-atry and listen to atheists more than prophets and the warnings in scripture. It’s all by design… The godless communist/Marxist threat never left. It’s just poisoning the well and cementing the evil into place until nobody can resist. Every totalitarian government wants gun control so they can’t be resisted. They promote promiscuity and the destruction of the family bonds to weaken the influence of good parents on their children so the “state” parents in government schools can pumped new doctrine into young heads as Yuri explained. This latest covid-19 crisis is a prime example of what Yuri warned us about. The disease brought about a crisis and the next phases of the program have been dropped into place remarkably fast. It’s almost like cell phone companies were ready to turn over our location tracking to the government so the CDC can “monitor the disease.” How do they know what phone owners carry the disease and how it’s spreading? I guess we’ll just have to trust these noble angels with our freedom. I’m sure they’d never do anything to strip our rights away like telling us what we can, can’t, must, must not purchase or inject into us and then carry a record of it around with us…for our own good… Meanwhile, the governments of the world are taking an interest/control of industries (airlines, etc…) because it’s so important that they not fail. They’re too big and important…

What do we do now?

If you believe in America (and not political parties), if you want to protect your freedom, do these things.

1) Pray to God to protect and preserve liberty. Listen to what he wants you to do. If this message resonates with you, you are here for a reason to help preserve liberty in whatever form we can until the nations of this earth are swallowed up under our Heavenly King whose right it is to reign, when He comes to earth to liberate the captives and establish a millennial kingdom.

2) Start writing your congressional leaders in your state and federal positions (do you know who they are?). Heck, your own town as well. The Mayors of Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, and others took draconian measures they have no authority for, to lock down the population with unconstitutional executive threats. The only reason they can do this is because we the people let them. They can only do the things we delegate to them to do. They derive their power from we the people. If you or I can’t do something ourselves, we can’t give that ability to government to do collectively. They have no authority for it, and only as much power as we cower to. You’d better start demanding they unwind all the ways they impacted our liberty or else these things will stay and just get worse with every “next crisis” they can “normalize.” You can bet they’ve already written the next dozen major laws on paper and they only wait for the next crisis to see what they can get away with. We’ve got to find people running for office that are more “Tea Party” minded that want to restore rights and shrink government. Government functions best when it’s at the most local level and the framers wisely limited (on paper as the supreme law of the land), what the federal government could do. They saw with great vision what happens to countries who have strong national governments without putting limits on them, and we’ve lost sight of that and let the camel’s nose edge the body into the tent. Vote for freedom candidates every election.

3) If you don’t know the U.S. Constitution very well, may I suggest you acquaint yourself with it through reading it and maybe taking a course like this one online ( I had some great teachers as a youth but never read the constitution till I was 30. Heaven help today’s generation being openly taught by teachers that communism isn’t that bad. If you aren’t homeschooling, (not talking about the crisis schooling happening now) you should seriously consider it. Know your rights or lose them.


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