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Utah’s Republic

My next project is online now and looking for help. Utah’s Republic is an online education site teaching  about the difference between a Democracy and Republic and asking by petition for the state to modify a few of the state history standards since the word Republic is never mentioned once. The petition also calls for better U.S. government texts that actually use the original intent of our Founding Fathers in establishing our governmental system, and lastly to ask that September 17th Constitution Day programs teach that natural rights are not given or taken by the majority in a Democracy, but these rights come from God (or for the atheist from nature) and no one has a right to deprive you of these natural rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. To see how far gone we are, here’s a funny “on the street” video asking local people about what form of government we have, and then one about a tragic school district motto in one district in Utah…you’d never guess who.

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Britain to install 20,000 cameras INSIDE homes

Unbelievably, citizens of Britain are inviting the government to monitor their children inside their homes to make sure they are doing their homework and eating their veggies. Families will have to sign a “behavior contract” to participate.

I’m so glad nothing like this could happen in America with the government intruding into our homes. Oh wait, I guess the Obama administration is asking citizens to spy on each other if anything “fishy” is being spread about his awesome health care plan.

I’m glad it’s going so well for the administration. Citizens of Philadelphia quickly embraced the President’s plan and Senator Arlan Specter’s call to “do this fast”.

I mean it’s not like it’s really expensive or anything…at least it’s not going to move us toward socialism or anything…

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The Presidential Budget Cutter

Thank goodness President Obama promised to make cuts in the budget (snicker).

Obama's budget cuts
Obama's budget cuts

After getting laughed at for this idiocy, he proposed to increase the budget cuts to $17 billion. Amazingly, ABC news did some real reporting for a change and caught him in his deception from when he was debating McCain and said McCain’s $18 billion budget cut plan was insufficient. Watch Jake Tapper’s report here:

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The Law

If you’ve never read the relatively short essay by Frederick Bastiat entitled, “The Law”, you owe it to your country to do so. His essay helps elucidate the basic freedoms of man and how socialism is the true path to slavery. You can read The Law online for free or start listening to it by clicking the Youtube video below. If you like it go to Youtube and search for “Bastiat The Law Griffin” and you can listen to the other 8 segments in turn. Each segment is about 10 minutes and is read by Ed Griffin (author of The Creature from Jekyll Island). I like Ed’s reading of the text better than other versions I’ve heard.

Part 1

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Atlas Shrugged

Mark Perry runs a great blog called Carpe Diem and I encourage you to check out some of the things he posts.  This particular link will show you the Google hits and Amazon books sales graphs for the book Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.

If you haven’t read the book (and as of this post I haven’t, but it’s sitting next to my bedside waiting for me to finish up the book “Blink”), it is a novel published in 1957 that was an expose on socialism and the loss of individual rights.  It begins with a simple question, “Who is John Galt?”  If you’ve seen that on a tax party day sign, this is the source.

Here is a video with pictures of Ayn and quotes from the book.  The quotes go too fast to read them completely so you’ll have to pause the video periodically.

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News Flash: Gore Tells Congress Climate Most Important Issue Ever

Al Gore never ceases to amaze.  Solving global warming will now take care of all our problems…  We’ve got to fix this NOW! 🙂

Gore told a House hearing that the Democratic bill that would limit carbon dioxide and other pollution linked to a warming of the earth will simultaneously solve the problems of the climate, economy and national security.