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Seattle Board President Finally Gets It

Three years after voting for Everyday Math, Seattle’s school board president has delivered an articulate message about how content is king.  In ASD, I’ve heard many times from a couple of great teachers how they can use Investigations math and the kids really learn.  I still have my doubts that those students are keeping up with peers that are receiving more content, but I have no doubt they are among the best students on Investigations.

What this board president has finally come to realize, is that the bottom 90% of teachers teach from the text, not from a position of math mastery.  They only teach what the book contains because they don’t know enough to cover anything else.  Solid texts contain material that those 90% of teachers need.  Of course the best result would come from solid texts and solidly content math trained teachers who know and understand the math they are teaching.

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Math Achievement Problem Solved

The United States has finally arrived at what is sure to be the “rising tide” that “lifts all boats”.  A new federal study has shown…that chewing gum raises math test scores by 3%. No word yet on how much Wrigley poured into the study to fund it, or if different flavors affected performance adversely like garlic lemon flavored sugar free-gum.

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Euclid’s geometry

I got into an interesting discussion with a teacher in Massachusetts and he sent me a link to a Euclid’s geometry book online that is pretty neat.  This is more for schools and teachers as a resource, but some of you parents or engineers may enjoy checking this out.