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Seattle Board President Finally Gets It

Three years after voting for Everyday Math, Seattle’s school board president has delivered an articulate message about how content is king.  In ASD, I’ve heard many times from a couple of great teachers how they can use Investigations math and the kids really learn.  I still have my doubts that those students are keeping up with peers that are receiving more content, but I have no doubt they are among the best students on Investigations.

What this board president has finally come to realize, is that the bottom 90% of teachers teach from the text, not from a position of math mastery.  They only teach what the book contains because they don’t know enough to cover anything else.  Solid texts contain material that those 90% of teachers need.  Of course the best result would come from solid texts and solidly content math trained teachers who know and understand the math they are teaching.

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  1. This man really cares about doing the right thing, and he recognises the mistakes of the past. Its a good start, it is apparent however he is quite reliant on others opinions on if a text is good or not. His job and others like it should belong to mathematicians, or people with a science or engineering background who choose to serve in education.

    Might I suggest Singapore math, (where simple algebra along with the model method is taught) along with a return to proof based geometry, if we really want to turn this situation around.

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