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Halloween scavenger hunt activities

If you’re looking for a fun Halloween scavenger hunt activity, can I recommend a product I made and not have it sound like a self-advertisement? 🙂 Several years ago my wife and I came up with an idea for a product that would let parents have an easy way to do fun activities with their kids. We called it Riddle Me and came up with hundreds of objects and thousands of age-appropriate riddles (over time and with a lot of help) and got the software built. It’s a really easy to use program that lets you pick your settings and then print out a set of riddle clues you just cut out and tape into place. You hand the children the first clue and off they go. Almost every birthday party at our home has involved a clue hunt because our kids love it so much and there’s a lot of other people that have done some really creative things with it as well.

To get some ideas of your own, check out this link for Halloween Scavenger Hunt ideas.

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